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Plant powered mosquito control

Take back your yard

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All Natural

Essential-oil powered formula uses nature to attract & kill mosquitoes.

Family & Pet Safe*

No harsh chemicals. No spraying. No burning. *When used as directed


Reusable traps crafted with a pollinator safe design.

Better for your family. Better for your pets. Better for our planet.

How does it work?

Attract mosquitoes far and wide

Mosgone Mosquito Pods break down to create an irresistible attractant to mosquitoes.

Distrupt the mosquito lifecycle

Rather than kill one adult mosquito, Mosgone traps can kill thousands of mosquito larvae before they become adults. That's thousands fewer mosquitoes flying around your yard AND thousands fewer mosquitoes laying eggs in your yard. Lifecycle disrupted.

Plant-powered insectide

The Mosgone Mosquito Drop slowly releases a completely natural insecticide that kills larvae before they can fly out of the trap.

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What is MosGone?

How it works

Add water and a Mosgone Mosquito Eliminator Pod into your Mosgone Mosquito Eliminator Trap. The Pod will break down and become an irresistible attractant for mosquitoes. They lay eggs in the Trap where the Pod uses essential oils to kill the mosquito larvae before they are mature enough to fly out of the Trap.

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Pollinator safe

Unlike sprays and other mosquito treatments, Mosgone targets mosquitoes and their larvae. That means it is safe for beneficial insects like butterflies, bees, and dragonflies.

Who are we

Founded by husband-wife team Kyle and Rebecca Boureston who wanted to get rid of mosquitoes without harming their family or the environment.